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How To Wear Eternity Rings

How To Wear Eternity Rings

Eternity rings have been around for a very long time, approximately 4,000 years. The ancient Egyptians introduced the rings to symbolize commitment and devotion in marriage, but they were never popular with people outside Egypt and Greece. However, in 1960, De Beers popularized these rings, and since then Eternity rings have been integral in many marriages. 

Wearing eternity rings can be challenging, especially if you have no clue about their meaning. You already have the engagement and wedding rings on your finger, and another is on the way for whatever reason. Maybe you are there wondering where and how you will wear that precious gift. Indeed, you are not the first and will not be the last to go through the dilemma. 

Eternity rings are given for particular reasons, and how you wear them matters. But don't worry because you are in the right place to learn where and how you should wear the ring. However, before learning where and how to wear eternity rings, it would be wise first to understand what it is. 

Choosing the right occasion to give your eternity ring is important. Read our article on When And Where To Use Eternity Rings for more on how to make your choice.

What are Eternity Rings?

An eternity ring is a ring with a gem layer on the band. Diamonds are gems known to last forever, thus their presence often on the eternity rings. However, eternity rings can be of other precious gemstones like rubies or even semi-precious like amethysts. 

The rings are given for various reasons like celebrating a wedding anniversary, the birth of a firstborn, or any other particular reason to symbolize commitment and eternal love to your better half. That is why the rings are always in the form of a circle that has no end. 

Whenever you receive the eternity ring, know you are someone special, and your partner is ready to share the undying love with you for a lifetime. 

How to Wear Eternity Rings

Eternity rings symbolize eternal love, and as we know, love is comfort. Therefore, you should wear the ring where you feel most comfortable. However, there are several traditional ways of wearing the eternity ring. 

There are different types and sizes of eternity rings. Read more on Eternity rings for women: Sizes and Types in our recent blog post for more on what it means to wear an Eternity ring.

On the Same Finger with the Engagement and Wedding Rings 

Though the three rings are gifted at different times and occasions, they pass the same message, which is I want to spend the rest of my life with you but have a protocol when wearing them on the same finger due to differences in importance. Therefore, you must consider the significance of every ring.

The wedding ring is considered the most significant, followed by the engagement ring and finally the eternity ring. So, stack the wedding ring first, then the engagement ring, and finally the eternity ring, and remember to match the rings. 

Right-Hand Ring Finger

If the rings do not match, or maybe you feel uncomfortable stacking the three rings on the same finger, the right-hand ring finger is an excellent choice. Moreover, the finger is perfect for any ring symbolizing undying love, beauty, tradition, and romance.

Therefore, you can comfortably stack the eternity ring on the right-hand ring finger and remain fashionable.

Middle Finger

Still wondering how to wear eternity rings? 

The middle finger gives you a perfect choice. Eternity rings are statement rings, and the middle finger is the right spot for that. Several stylists have chosen the finger to show off their statement rings, and it would indeed work well for your eternity ring. So, worry no more and stack the ring on the middle finger.

Right Side Up

Eternity rings come in two varieties. The half eternity ring has half the gems and the full eternity ring with gems all-round the band. If your eternity ring is half covered, but that does not mean your partner promises to spend half their eternity with you, ensure that the gems point up on whichever finger you wear the ring. 

However, if the gems fully cover the band, you need not worry about how to wear it, but it would be wise if you keep rotating the ring to avoid excessive scratches on one side. 

Wear it as a Promise Ring 

Eternity rings are not necessarily meant for married couples only. The ring can be presented as a promise to unmarried couples. 

So, are you unmarried and wondering how to wear the eternity ring? 

You can wear it as a promise ring on the left hand on the ring finger. Most people wear it on the wedding ring finger symbolizing your heart belongs with someone even if you are not married. 

So, stop worrying about how to wear the eternity ring and stack it on the ring finger.

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An eternity ring is a significant symbol affirming your commitment and devotion to your partner. During special occasions like a wedding anniversary, it is given to remind your spouse how important they are and assure your eternal love. 

Most people wonder how to wear the eternity ring, but it should not be an issue with the ways mentioned above. More importantly, you should wear the eternity ring where you feel more comfortable. If you decide to wear it on the same finger as the wedding and engagement rings, follow the traditional protocol, and it would be better if you match all the rings. 

If you’re in the US, read our article Find The Best Eternity Band Ring In USA for more details great ways to find the best ring for you.

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