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Eternity Rings For Women: Sizes and Types

Eternity Rings For Women: Sizes and Types

Women value appreciation in the form of gifts. The best way to appreciate your woman is by offering her an eternity ring. Today, the eternity ring serves as a great form of appreciation and love.

An eternity ring contains a lot of symbolism. It includes a circular shape that signifies happiness and eternal love. On the other hand, its circular form symbolizes birth and fertility, prolonging the circle of life. 

Additionally, it may signify commitment because the circle itself does not end. Today, various kinds of eternity rings differ in their shapes and even sizes. 

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Occasions to Offer the Eternity Ring to a Woman

Eternity rings have served different roles in the past to mark achievements in a woman's life. They were often offered to women as an appreciation for giving birth or even celebrating the anniversary. 

Nowadays, there are occasions where men gift their women with eternity rings during events such as Valentine's Day and even birthdays. In short, eternity rings may be more thoughtful gifts/presents and especially as anniversary gifts.

Choosing the right occasion to give your eternity ring is important. Read our article on When And Where To Use Eternity Rings for more on how to make your choice.

Eternity Rings to Push Presents

Offering your woman a beautiful ring is one of the best ways to express love and show some appreciation. There are several settings of eternity rings that one may personalize and engrave at the present moment. 

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Eternity Rings for Anniversary Gifts

So far, eternity rings can serve amazingly as an anniversary gift. There are several selections of eternity rings in terms of sizes, shape, and style that may please a woman.

In most situations, one may find some timeless and classic eternity rings that are important for celebrating some marked anniversaries. 

Eternity Rings for Proposing

Of course, one may use the eternity ring to propose. But it is good to research and understand if the preferred ring matches your woman's style. Perhaps, one should go for classic engagement rings because they are more feminine or more flashy. 

Types of Eternity Rings

At the present moment, there are three different types of eternity rings, namely a full eternity ring, a half eternity ring, and a ¾ eternity ring. They vary to match the different personalities and styles expressed by other women.

Full Eternity Ring

As the name suggests, the full eternity ring contains gemstones throughout its setting. The style is suitable for calls of more robust design patterns while maintaining a delicacy to it. 

Those women who prefer a specific flash may choose this type of ring. However, they are costly because they consume more stones. Additionally, it doesn't allow resizing because it is custom-fitted, and the user may feel uncomfortable wearing it for more extended periods. 

¾ Eternity Rings

There is some difference between the full eternity ring and the ¾ eternity ring since this one allows for resizing. It is ideal for women who prefer to have the appearance of the former but desire to have some comfort and space for resizing. 

After wearing the ring, one may still feel the effect of wearing a full eternity ring. However, one significant advantage of this type of ring is that it needs less maintenance than the full eternity ring. 

Half Eternity Rings

Currently, this is the most common type of eternity ring on the market. It has gained a lot of popularity because it offers more effortless adjustment and resizing. 

Most women prefer this ring because they can quickly close their fingers since it does not have stones below the finger. It allows easier resizing because of fewer gemstones used for making it. 

Likewise, these rings offer a lot of comfort to the one wearing them. They are affordable because they consume less gemstones for production. However, in case the ring rotates on your finger, then the metal portion may become visible. 


It is always good to show some love and appreciation to your women. The usage of the eternity ring may serve much better on occasions such as the birth of a firstborn, weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. 

Perhaps, one may prefer to choose between a claw, cut down, pave, and the channel set depending on the preference and style of his woman. One usually needs to look at the size of the ring before progressing to make purchases. 

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