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When And Where To Use Eternity Rings

When And Where To Use Eternity Rings

The history of eternity rings dates back to 4,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. The circles and rings represent eternal love and life. Where to use eternity rings? Eternity rings are traditional anniversary gifts that remind us that the love expressed on the wedding day is never-ending and a celebration of the milestone. Eternity rings are also offered in romantic relationships because they are not limited to married couples only.

What are eternity rings? 

As the name suggests, Eternity rings symbolize eternal love, a lifetime commitment, or a never-ending love. It is exchanged between a couple. The circle rings, a continuous thin band of diamonds or gems, also symbolize the process of life. 

Are eternal rings similar to promise rings? Promise rings are exchanged before a couple has made marriage commitments.

Read more on How To Wear Eternity Rings in our recent blog post for more on what it means to wear an Eternity ring.

What finger do you wear an eternity ring?

There are no specific rules on where to wear your eternity ring. Like wedding rings and engagement rings, eternity rings are worn on the left hand's ring finger. 

When are eternity rings exchanged or given?

Eternity rings are becoming very popular today, and they are exchanged on various occasions.

They can be given in place of engagement rings. Sometimes, eternity rings are worn instead of engagement rings or traditional wedding bands. It can be worn alongside engagement rings and wedding bands.

When celebrating a wedding anniversary, it is mostly exchanged by couples who have reached their tenth marriage anniversary. Diamonds are a symbol of love. Eternal love symbolized in your eternity rings are a very appropriate gift for the 60th or Diamond Anniversary.

Mark specific milestones such as the birth of a child. The birth of a child is a very particular milestone. You can give your spouse an eternity ring to show your appreciation for them, enabling you to be a parent and symbolize your eternal love and commitment to them. 

Can unmarried couples exchange eternity rings?

Yes, eternity rings are not only gifted after marriage. Today, most people do not feel the need to secure a partner. However, they look for ways to demonstrate their commitment to their partner by exchanging eternity rings.

Where to use eternity rings and when to wear them

You may probably wonder which specific order you should wear your rings if you have your engagement, wedding, or eternity ring? It is a matter of personal preference; you can wear your eternity ring where you feel more comfortable or in an arrangement that looks more attractive to you. However, most women wear their eternity rings between their wedding bands and engagement rings, with the wedding band being closest to the hand. 

Best eternity engagement rings

Most millennials today are proposing diamond eternity rings instead of the traditional styles. It is becoming common to present an eternity ring and then choose a conventional ring with your partner. If you know your partner would prefer an eternity ring to a traditional engagement ring, do not let tradition stop you; get them what will set their eyes on fire,

What is the best eternity engagement ring? There is no straight answer because the type of style, color, and metal you select is based on your personal preference.

Check out Upsera’s Katya Eternity Ring for Women for fashionable and affordable options of eternity rings.

What should you consider when choosing an eternity ring for someone?

Their specific taste: Ensure you select a unique metal that your partner will appreciate. Consider whether they would like gemstones around the entire wedding band or only halfway and in what shape. 

Style: If the eternity ring is worn next to the wedding band or engagement ring, you should closely match the metals and the style.

Your partner's ring size. Although it may seem obvious, selecting the proper fitting ring size for an eternity ring is vital because eternity rings are harder to resize. If your partner intends to stack the rings, a band worn higher on the finger will need to be a quarter size larger.

Price: Set a price range you are comfortable with and adjust once you see the various options available. This will enable you to focus on the specifics and may influence your choice of the diamond size or the metal.

If you’re in the US, read our article Find The Best Eternity Band Ring In USA for more details great ways to find the best ring for you.

Are eternity rings exclusively for women?

You can give your man or husband an eternity ring to express how much you value the relationship. Men can also be gifted eternity rings can also be given to men as a symbol of love and adoration. There are various options for men as there are for women.


An eternity ring is a necessary jewelry purchase for a couple after an engagement ring. Eternity rings signify commitment, love, and adoration between couples. They can be a great way to renew vows and as a reminder of the love that the team shared in their earlier years or wedding day.

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