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Water for everyone

We really need to get to the basics – clean drinking water for everyone!

I was very surprised when I first realized some people don’t have water to drink. Either there is scarcity of water or water is not clean. While we live where it’s hard to feel this problem, this does not mean no one is facing it.

This fact hit me hard. Maybe subconsciously, I thought I could not do anything about such huge problems, so I blocked them out. But I realized, we can all do “something” because even though it won’t fix the problem, we can still help.

How important is water for living beings?

Water is a basic amenity – it’s not a
luxury, it’s a basic need. We are made of 70% water and imagine if we don’t get any or enough to drink. So, when we talk about water, we are talking about basic survival.

How can we help this cause?

I think the point to remember is, there are a lot of people already working aggressively in this direction to help with the
water crisis around the world. Why not at least support these amazing people and organizations. This way we support their effort and the cause.

A percentage of profit from every purchase made on will be donated to selected organizations working to help in
this direction.

Every bit helps!


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