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Why should we go for classic jewelry?

Why should we go for classic jewelry?


If you go for classic jewelry, you are all set.

What I mean by is:

Classic styles are the ones which are in-fashion at all times - they are for ever.

This goes for all fashion items whether its clothes or accessories like jewelry.

Generally classic styles are called "evergreen styles" for a reason.

Times come and go but these styles always stay in trend.

Usually, they are these are simple, elegant and classy, that is why they are for ever and ever green. Rightly called as "timeless".

Lets dive a little deeper into classic jewelry concept.

What does it mean to have classic jewelry collection?

If we have a collection of classic jewelry, we can be classy and elegant all the time. Honestly if you even have one great classic jewelry piece, you can look great always in that, years after years. Say you bought a classic style today, that still will be still in fashion even after years. So, no worries about in fashion or out of fashion. We don't have to worry about another trendy wave anymore.

Does it mean we should not own those in-trend styles - not so classic ones?

We can buy trendier jewelry, which might not be in fashion after a few months, but more as a choice. We don't have to do it because our jewelry is out of style now. Our classic jewelry will stand the test of time. This new trendier jewelry could be to be part of the new fad... if you like that.

Understand "your classic style" of jewelry

All we need to do is understand our classic style. So we pick what makes us shine. In terms of physical presence and emotionally.

Once we know what classic style makes us look and feel the best, we know it will work for ever for us.

So I think by now you are getting the point.

Idea is "for ever", "evergreen".

I am personally one of those people who goes for classic and classy styles. I buy something because I love it and then I don't want it to go out of style. I still want to make an impression when I wear it. Get a lot of compliments. In short make it my signature style. That is the point of classic jewelry.

Lets take some examples

There are some common examples we can take just to give you an idea of what is classic jewelry. By common, I mean you will agree with me once you see them.

By the way, just remember if a bold jewelry piece is there, does not mean it can not be classic. Classic simply means it does not go out of fashion or out of trend. It is timeless.

Okay, time for our examples:

1. Earrings examples

Hoop earrings:

I remember seeing my mom in small hoop earrings in her school days pictures. I used to love hoops when i was little, when I was in school, after I passed out and so on. Specially the simple ones. Even today, I change dresses based on the occasions but my go to jewelry is usually hoops. See you could have different sizes of these classic hoops styles. You could have with diamond or cz or plain hoops. And so on.

Idea is, will this style stay? ,or would i still like it after one wear or a season. This is what you need to think and you will know if its a classic style or not.

Dangle Earrings:

Dangle Earrings make another great example - simple bead or crystal hanging on a wire hook is a great example of a classic style. It has always been there and will stay. Still it will make you look special - and you don't have to quite it just because "its out of style".

Diamond studs:

Diamond or Diamond-like CZ studs is a style as classic (and classy) as it can get. Its great for women of any age and goes well with all occasion dresses. In fact, a lot of men also love this style, who have their ear pierced.

2. Necklace Examples

Solitaire pendant necklace:

Diamond or Diamond-like CZ solitaire pendant on a chain - This simple and elegant style necklace is hands down a great classic style like for ever and ever, as long as a for ever could go. If people can go for real diamond, they go for that, and others who either don't want to spend on diamond for the risk of losing it or can not afford one, go for CZ solitaire necklace. Again, I can totally relate to this because I love this style myself so much. I am not too much of a necklace person, but I feel, a simple solitaire necklace just speaks thousand words. Makes you feel special without doing too much. Well, usually that goes for all classic jewelry as a whole.

Some exceptions to classic jewelry

Even though we have these traditional classic jewelry, there are some styles which are classic and trendy at the same time. They might give you the impression that they are not classic. Trendy because may be they are bold and go only on certain occasions.

One great example is: cowrie beach necklace.

It is trendy (in the sense, like a bold fashionable style), but its still a classic style - its very interesting that it has been going on for ages.

Local people who live near shores make it and wear it, others usually buy and wear it. This style is classic and usually worn in summer when you go to the beach etc. This is a special case and so we can say its a classic beach jewelry I guess.


We can go on and on about classic jewelry.

Our goal as a jewelry company is to keep adding more great pieces to Upsera classic collection for you to select from.

Hope the above concept of classic jewelry made sense.

See you until next time!



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