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My Journey

My Journey

My name is Upasana Gupta. I am the founder and CEO of UPSERA. I was born and brought up in India, completing my engineering degree in Electronics and Communications there. I married while I was still studying and after completing my degree, came to the US and settled in New Jersey. I live here with my beautiful and loving family – my husband and 2 sons.

My dad was a businessman all his life and mom a homemaker. It was natural for me to be in business myself. I ran a telecom business for 15+ years with my husband, my best friend. I was actively involved in the day-to-day operations and networking with customers, who were mostly business owners or people representing the businesses. It was a B2B operation. I loved the company and learnt a lot from that experience.

After that, I wanted to do something closer to my heart and more satisfying, which is when I decided to launch my own passion project UPSERA. My thought was to do something related to beauty (artistic even). Jewelry made the most sense to me.

I took my time to figure out what kind of jewelry I was looking for. I loved gems and simple fine pieces which I could wear on any and every occasion. So, I started researching in this direction. After dwelling on it for months, I realized something else; we either lose the expensive jewelry or cannot afford the real ones. That’s why I chose classy and classic designs for my fashion jewelry.

The road has been very bumpy but thanks to family support and grace, I have been able to get it off the ground. And the journey has been beautiful so far.

My focus is:

  1. On the designs we make and how our customers feel. We are striving to be selective and add more collections when necessary to spice things up!
  2. I want to make sure our customers are treated right.
  3. To support some causes, I believe in. The least we can do on this earth is support what we believe in. We are donating a portion of our profits to meaningful non-profit organizations who are working diligently towards these causes.

Read more on and visit us on Amazon.

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