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How to pick dangle earrings that are you?

How to pick dangle earrings that are you?

People like me, who love dangle earrings, are dangle earrings people all the way.

You will hardly see them in studs. 

It is personal choice. Simple.

Even though we might admire different kind of earrings or jewelry, we end up wearing one concept more than the other, because that is "who we are".

Okay, for beginners - today lets talk about : What to keep in mind when buying dangle earrings?

The most important thing is, pick what speaks to you the most. Rest does not matter that much. If we love it, we manage :)

To answer the above question below are some thoughts.

When we are buying dangle earrings we have to keep the following points in mind, besides of course if it matches our dress or not, if its perfect for the occasion and so on : 

1. How long are the dangle earrings?

How much is the drop of the earring pendant below your ear? Its almost like saying do you like short hair or long. Its a personal choice. There are other factors also like say you might have long hair and long dangle earrings might get entangled in your hair making it difficult to manage. At least, this is one of the things I have heard some of my long haired friends claiming who are not very fond of long dangle earrings. You get the point... its personal choice. You just have to keep it in mind that this is one of the points.

2. How heavy or light are the dangle earrings?

How heavy is it? Can we wear it the whole day or just for the event or purpose we need it for? Sometimes the style is so pretty we "have to" let go of the heavy aspect. Well, its still very relative. If we are attending a wedding in the family where we have to help out and we are wearing real heavy earrings, it might not work at all. If we are attending a friend's wedding and have to be there for a few hours we will manage the pain.

3. How Dangly are dangle earrings?

How much does it dangle when we move? For example do we want it to really shake when we move - I personally love that but only issue with too much of the dangling is that it might come in my way of doing something which requires me to focus. So depends on the occasion or the time, how dangly I want my earrings to be for that time.

Hope this short analysis helps.

Note: Moral of the story is, its your life.

You define your style!

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