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How to Build Your Go-To Jewelry Collection

How to Build Your Go-To Jewelry Collection

Not everyone has a similar taste in jewelry. Some love to wear classic and simple design while others like to wear bold and loud kind of jewelry.

But before we start building your go-to jewelry we have to establish first what kind of jewelry do you like to wear.

Do you like minimalist jewelry or chunky and bold jewelry?

By the way, I am a minimalist. I usually pick earrings over any other piece of jewelry for the neck to the face area. In the hands usually by choice one bold ring in each hand makes me happy. I do sometimes wear a few rings per hand though. Necklaces don’t work very well with me on an everyday basis. I am not opposed to bracelets so might or might not wear depending on my mood or occasion.

Here are some tips to remember when building your go-to jewelry:

1. Be clear on what kind of person you are - minimalist or full-on jewelry sets person. 

2. Think about all the dress "colors" you own or like generally - what color do you usually wear or the dress color you have on your wardrobe.

3. Next, is to pick the style of jewelry you like the most.

4. The final step is, we decide the color of the jewelry. 



These are some of the steps I use when I build my jewelry collection or any collection for that matter. I use these hacks when I build by classic jewelry collection for when I attend parties and other special events.

If you like a more detailed explanation click here

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