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Heart Shaped Cute Earrings Ear Studs

How much to Wear!


Wear to express - too little or too much does not matter!

Every woman loves jewelry - some love simple and clean designs while others love a lot of bling bling. Taste of jewelry differs from person to person. For example I am a minimalist - love to wear one or two pieces only at a time. The designs I love are also very simple and not too much going in the designs. This keeps my head clear and makes me feel pretty at the same time. Of course, there are days when i want to wear a lot of jewelry with a lot going on in them. I call them the bling bling moments! 

Some people love to wear jewelry all the time and a lot of it. They have to change it every day and sometimes with every dress depending on the time of the day. Key words are mood and style. 

So if someone is wearing too much or too little does not mean she does or does not know fashion. That just shows - this is how she is feeling at this moment. You will  notice if she really picked her jewelry for that occasion, you will appreciate it as well. You will get the vibes of "I feel pretty".  If she randomly picked something you will also not like it and will not appreciate it. You will sense the ignorant vibes "I don't care what I wear or how I look".

I say, what you wear and how much you wear, tells a lot about you whether its jewelry or clothes or shoes. There is no right or wrong. So, wear to express YOU!!

(Note: I am adding the picture of Heart Shaped Earrings - because that is what I feel at this moment!!)

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