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Blue Multi-Colored Graduated Statement Necklace

Blue Multi-Colored Graduated Statement Necklace

Beauty is the spice of life. This is true in every aspect of our day to day living; from the moment we open our eyes in the morning, to the last dip of our breath before we fall asleep. Beauty has always been an asset that we seek and an ally that we deem to attain by our side.

The great Greek philosopher Plato has defined beauty as an idea or form of which beautiful things were consequence. True enough, beauty attracts beauty. Even the simplest lady dressed with proper elegance, will turn into a princess. Hence the essence of wearing jewelry. But what jewelry should one wear to be able to project one’s elegance without overdoing it? As Diane Von Furstenberg puts it; “Jewelry is like the perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there”. In this regard, there is always a piece of jewelry that is sure to fit whatever activity, or time of day you are in. The modern woman has completely taken control over her personal statement, from the dress she chooses to wear, to the jewelry that accents her subtleties.  That simple bracelet she wears accentuates her hand as she delivers that speech in front of the board. The watch she owns denotes her emphasis on time management and on being organized. Those earrings complimented by the necklace she wears is a statement that though she is a tough woman who is ready to stand her ground with the men of modern society, she still is a delicate flower that gives great importance to the meaning of personal space, family, and love for ones’ well-being. All of these and more are reflected on the pieces of trinkets and jewelries that she wears.

Since time immemorial, the term jewelry have evolved into every various shape imaginable, and have been made out of every precious materials available on earth. From bones of championed animals by our ancestors, to those precious metal alloys that have formed gold and silver, it is evident that we only want to adorn ourselves with the best jewelry crafted from the finest and most precious materials available. Jewelries are pieces of art that is meant to be passed on from mother to daughter to granddaughter, so these pieces should be able to withstand the test of time. Modern jewelry making is an art that is continuously evolving and is becoming more intricate as time passes. Modern jewelers have armed themselves with the knowledge passed on to them by their predecessors, and  is continuously crafting unique and individual pieces of art that is a testament to present times, as well as homage to those that are before them. A typical example of this is the UPSERA Fashion Bib Statement pendent Necklace. Made with Swarovski Crystals, this fine piece of jewelry can only spell elegance all the way through. This necklace is the perfect piece of jewelry to complement that luscious evening gown that bares nothing but majesty in anyone who wears it. Its chain length is 41.5cm, with a tint of Aquamarine fashioned in a multi colored Bib Necklace sure to bring the sparkle out of any woman’s eyes. Rhodium plating is used to add elegance as well as strength to the necklace.

Why rhodium Plating?

Rhodium is known to be one of the precious metals that can be twenty five times as costly as gold and is one of the popular choice in material when plating jewelry to make them shine more and add to their durability. Rhodium plating eliminates the tendency for the necklace to be scratched or to tarnish over time, as well as to improve its color quality. Rhodium in itself is too brittle to be used in making a solid jewelry but when used as plating for gold or silver, it greatly adds strength and lustre to the jewelry itself. Rhodium plating protects the jewelry from heat, corrosion, and wear. It poses no health threat because it is chemically inert. It is also very reflective and will withstand most acid attacks.

Perfect Combination

As we all know, one of the most expressive part of our body are our eyes. A perfectly combined set of clothing and accessories must be able to project the most attractive part of a person. The perfectly crafted crystals together with its soothing colors will surely draw all the attention to the one who wears it. Made with Swarovski Crystals, the simple yet exact craftsmanship of this Bib Statement pendent necklace will be a testament of a simple yet elegant connoisseur of beauty. The Aquamarine and ocean colored crystals will bring out the beauty and color of the wearer’s eyes, not to mention the thin chain profile that will make you neck look slimmer. A perfect Necklace that can be paired with any dress or gown in your wardrobe.

Taking care of your jewelries

This Upsera Fashion Bib Statement pendent Necklace should also be treated with the same care as one would do to any fine jewelry. Exposure to chemicals, water, or to harsh treatments from extreme activities like sports should be avoided. Each fine jewelry should be taken off before taking a swim, or applying lotion or make up. Ideal cleaning materials consists of water, mild soap, and a soft cloth set aside especially for this necklace. A special high quality black velvet pouch is provided for storage to prevent the crystals from loosening and scratching on any metal surface. 


“First we try, then we trust”… there is beauty and resolve that one can learn from these lines. But with todays’ society, it is imperative that we consider our options carefully. We have nothing but pride in all our works and would want nothing more than to share the joy of wearing these fine jewelries with you. You can be sure that each and every jewelry that we serve you is at top quality, and each piece comes with a 100% money back guarantee should the product we give you fall below our set expectations.

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