Simple Travel Hacks for Your Jewelry

We love to travel, either we travel with friends or family. It is one of the ways we enjoy ourselves every year. To be able to unwind after a long year we focus on nothing but work. 
Every time we travel there is one thing that we always bring with us. We love to bring our jewelry whenever we travel around.
But even the smallest jewelry box we have is still bulky and if we plan to bring more than one jewelry it will take up some space whether we like it or not.
I’ve compiled some jewelry travel hacks that I use whenever I travel.
Here are some of the hacks you can use:

  • Use button for your earrings. Earrings are pointy and most of them are stored in an individual jewelry box or pouch to keep them safe and not lose a pair. You can put each earring on the hole you can see on the button and fasten it with the earrings lock.
  • Use straw for you necklaces and bracelets. Necklace and bracelet chain can easily get entangled. This might cause your chain to be broken. To avoid this, you can put your necklace in a straw to avoid entangling the chain.
  • Use a small pill box. You can store your individual jewelry inside the pill box. It is small and will save some space in your bag.
  • Use a towel to store your jewelry. Arrange your jewelry in a towel. Put your earrings first, make sure you put it at the very end then arrange your necklace. Roll the towel starting from where you put the earrings at the very end.
  • Use disposable plate. Putting your jewelry in a disposable plate is also one way to save some space in your luggage. Make some cutting in your disposable plate then add necklaces. On the inner part of the disposable plate put some hole where you can put your earrings and secure it with the lock.
We want to bring our lovely jewelry when we travel but one important hack I learned while traveling is bring inexpensive jewelry when you travel, in the event that you lose it, it will not be that painful that you lose your jewelry.
These little hacks save me a lot some space when I was traveling with my friends and family.
What do you think of these hacks? Which one will you try when you travel?
Let me know in the comment below.