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Clean and Green

We need a clean and green environment, and we need it now.

What is Global Warming?

Global warming is a real issue we’re facing today. I am not well versed in the technical, but I can feel the climate change. Global warming is causing the breakdown of our climate and we see it through melting glaciers, flooding, more rains, and so much more. And the cost of human lives and livelihoods are affected tragically.

Global warming is one of the singular
threats to our future generations and is currently knocking at our door.

You may find it tough to battle a global
crisis like global warming, and you may be wondering how one can help.

How are we helping the cause of global warming?

Learning more and generating awareness

From what I gather, we can help in slowing down Global warming by keeping our environments clean and green, that is, by planting more trees, ensuring zero carbon emissions etc. It sounds simple but
it is a big effort where the effort has to be global.

Supporting people and organizations

By supporting people and organizations working towards slowing down global warming we can give power to their voices and efforts, so that they are successful.

There are a lot of non-profit organizations who have taken it upon themselves to slow down global warming. They are working hard in bringing the issues to the attention of policy makers to real progress. They are working towards planting more trees, Ensuring Zero Carbon emission systems and reducing damage from this human caused inspired phenomena.

To do our part: We have decided to donate a portion of profits made from every sale on to selected organizations.


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