About UPSERA Jewelry

Not many things in life can make a statement about who you are and how you feel more than jewelry can.  The kind of jewelry that screams to be noticed and makes you feel so confident, beautiful and yet delicate at the same time.

Upsera Jewelry Company prides itself on giving women this feeling every day by offering the finest jewelry at affordable prices so every women can feel amazing.  Upsera Jewelry is hand selected by their team of jewelry specialist who take extra care to choose only pieces that will not only bring out style, but personality as well.  Because they know that a special piece can make a women's entire attitude about herself and life change.

Who We Are:

Upsera LLC is a U.S based Jewelry company that has been growing rapidly since their launch in 2016.  They began their journey by being extremely fashion forward people and were always looking for the perfect jewelry to match their mood and event.  They were constantly looking on the internet and in stores for new and exciting variations of styles and colors to try out with different looks.  Unfortunately what they found was the same old styles and looks and were having a difficult time finding anything that truly inspired their tastes.

The team began building their own catalogue of designs, packaging, and logistics that they could give people a new choice when it comes to fashionable and affordable jewelry.  As the company grew they began to expand into different markets within the jewelry industry.  Starting with necklaces and bracelets they now offer a wide range of earnings and other accessories as well.

Their goal is continue to bring fashion forward jewelry to women everywhere so they can express themselves and feel powerful and confident.  They offer the highest quality customer care and stand behind each and every piece that they offer.