Drop Earrings


About the jewelry

The stones used in our products consist of crystals from Swarovski, other Austrian crystals and cubic zirconia crystals. For jewelries that contain crystals in them the crystals used it stated on the description.

Unfortunately no. We don’t cater custom jewelry yet. Though we have great and high quality jewelry that you can choose from.

We used rhodium, platinum, rose gold, and gold plating as the plating in some of our products.

* Apply make-up first before putting the jewelry

* Jewelry and pools are not meant for each other – avoid wearing your jewelry when you swim or bath

* Keep it clean and dry

* Perfume also contains chemical that can cause tarnish in your jewelry. Wear your perfume first before wearing your jewelry

* Store it with care. To avoid tarnishing and chipping in jewelry, store it individually in a soft cloth or velvet pouch


For any question and/or inquiries, you can contact us through info@upsera.com.

Our customer service is available Monday – Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer international shipping at this time.

No, we don’t have any physical store but you can contact us any time thru our customer service.